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Your Pocket Therapist Is Here!

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Mindforth App

Hypnotherapy - Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Meditation - Tapping EFT, TFT - Breath-work and more...

My aim is to help as many people as possible around the globe. Mindforth app was born after realising that so many people are not comfortable asking for help. The slogan "Pocket Therapist" came from the fact that Mindforth app is a self-help mental health focused app for those who need help but don't know how to ask! The user gets to choose the topic or the program that is most suitable to what they going through and get the help they need without talking to anyone.

Mindforth app is becoming the solution to many and a start on the right path to others!

 -Joseph Succar

Mind Training Programs:

Mind Detox, Pre & Postnatal Support, Male Sexual Health, Female Sexual Health, Weight Loss and more... Reduce Stress, Sleep better, overcome fears and learn positive thinking strategies that help you move forward...

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